User Guides

User Guides

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SOLIDWORKS licenses will expire in ‘X’ days

For reactivating expired licenses for Solidworks, both Nework and Individual.

SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard

Learning the basics of SOLIDWORKS Activation and how to play by the rules.

SOLIDWORKS Account Administration

As the Admin Portal and Customer Portal are being migrated to 3D Experience this guide is for users that are looking to administer the access to downloads and the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. If your company did not have an Admin, CADimensions may need to help set up the account initially, but this is how you handle it from there.

Creating a 3DEXPERIENCE account (your new SOLIDWORKS account)

Now that Solidworks is moving the customer portal to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, let us show you how to begin creating a 3DEXPERIENCE account.

How to Download SOLIDWORKS Installation Files

How to download the SOLIDWORKS installation files for internal distribution within your company. This full guide will give you step-by-step...