J5 MediJet

Experience the pinnacle of PolyJet technology with the Stratasys J5 MediJet 3D printer, now available at CADimensions. Designed to cater to a wide range of professional needs, the J5 MediJet offers unparalleled versatility with over 40 different material options, including biocompatible materials.

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Revolutionizing Medical Modeling and Tooling

Functional Prototypes

Leverage the power of high-strength 3D printing for fast, iterative prototyping, enhancing the development of medical devices and equipment.

Innovative Surgical Guides

Utilize the printer’s capability to produce sterilizable, biocompatible drilling and cutting guides, improving surgical precision and patient outcomes.

On-Demand Medical Tooling

Quickly print customized jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids, replacing costly and time-consuming traditional tooling methods.

Diverse End-Use Parts

Ideal for low-volume, high-mix production, the J5 MediJet enables the creation of end-use parts with its varied material compatibility.

Compact Design, Big Impact

With its small footprint, the J5 MediJet is a perfect fit for any lab space, offering on-demand printing capabilities for medical professionals and educators.

Explore Real-World Success

Discover how the J5 MediJet transforms medical modeling in our featured case study:

See MediJet in Action: A Case Study

Why Choose the J5 MediJet

Choose the Stratasys J5 MediJet from Stratasys for an unparalleled 3D printing experience backed by expert support. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, encompassing everything from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. We ensure you get the most out of your J5 MediJet with customized solutions and specialized training programs tailored to your needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence guarantees reliable service, ensuring your 3D printing operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The Stratasys J5 MediJet printer is renowned for its versatility in medical and dental applications, offering unparalleled precision and a wide range of biocompatible materials.

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Advanced PolyJet Technology

Its advanced PolyJet technology facilitates the creation of intricate anatomical models and surgical guides, enhancing medical training and pre-surgical planning.

Diverse Material Range

Choose from over 40 unique materials, including specialized options for healthcare applications.

Versatile Applications

From patient-specific anatomical models for surgical planning to precise training tools and medical device development, the J5 MediJet excels in a variety of medical applications.

Biocompatible Materials

Utilize biocompatible materials for patient-specific medical and dental solutions.