For over 25 years, SOLIDWORKS® has been the trusted industry standard in design and engineering. Intuitive 3D design and product development solutions from SOLIDWORKS help you conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage, and transform your innovate ideas into great product designs.

SOLIDWORKS Core Features

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Design & Engineering

Engineers and designers can create and share designs quickly and easily, allowing key stakeholders to give feedback throughout the product development phase with all the design data stored securely in the cloud.

Governance & Management

Plan, develop and release your products seamlessly with the data and product lifecycle management solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helping you to improve productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Simulation & Analysis

Extend SOLIDWORKS Simulation, through tight integration with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, to conduct structural static, frequency, buckling, modal dynamic response, and structural-thermal analysis of parts and assemblies.

Manufacturing & Production

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio streamlines communication between departments to identify and reduce manufacturability errors at any phase – from ERP to the shop floor— and helps accelerate the release to production.

Marketing & Sales

 The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio allows sales and marketing teams to collaborate with designers to create the perfect plans and create content even before the product is built - giving clarity to your product release pipeline.



SOLIDWORKS® Simulation is an easy-to-use portfolio of structural analysis tools that use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict a product’s real-world physical behavior by virtually testing CAD models. The portfolio provides linear, non-linear static and dynamic analysis capabilities.

data management

SOLIDWORKS Data Management

Manage the flow of data and optimize your team’s workflow with SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management. Stay organized and avoid the costly trouble of re-works and overruns by relying on cloud or locally hosted data management. 

electrical housing box

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

SOLIDWORKS® Electrical 3D enables you to work mechatronically by interconnecting electrical design elements within your 3D or 3D SOLIDWORKS model. 

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Subscription benefits

By enrolling in 3DEXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, you’re benefiting from the full support of not just CADimensions, but Dassault Systemes as well. 

Maintaining your subscription means you always get access to new releases, ensuring you’re working on the most current version of software.

You also get access to the wealth of information available through with great tutorials, training, and technical content!

Access to SOLIDWORKS Visualize

For customers working in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium, your active subscription means you have access to download and use SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard. Visualize Standard lets you use your CAD data to generate unbelievable photorealistic renderings


Every license of SOLIDWORKS on active subscription services has to SOLIDWORKS CAM. Built directly into the SOLIDWORKS environment, the CAM add-on provides capabilities for 2.5 axis machining. 

SOLIDWORKS Certification

Access to certifications

Becoming certified is a great way to boost your career prospects and improve your skills as a SOLIDWORKS user. Whether your goal is better understanding or complete mastery, active subscription members have access to free certification exams. When you become a better user, it empowers us all!