J850 Techstyle Fashion Printer

The bridge between innovation and creation not only offers a technological advancement, but also philosophical and cultural growth. The results of these collaborations are displayed at highly-valued cultural centers, museums and publications around the world, continuing the education and exploration of the relationship between technology and the creative industry, inspiring curiosity in our current and future partners.

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Fashion Design Innovation in Techstyle

Discover the magic of 3DFashion™! With our direct-to-textile printing technology, you can create any style that you can imagine, without limitation. Express your creativity and design with complete freedom of shape, materials, scale, colors, and transparency. Create fantastic optical illusionary effects on fabric, in clear print and in full color. Let your imagination run wild!

Accessory Design With Never Before Seen Possibilities

Bring your ideas to life by 3D printing accessories! With no limits to what you can create, our tools and technology will help you unleash your creativity and produce stunning results that offer complete freedom of shape, material physicality, scale, colors and transparency. Express yourself without limitation!

Beat Feet Into the Future with 3D Printed Footwear Designs

Step into the future with revolutionary 3D printed footwear! Now you can design and create shoes that are truly unique, without any limitation on shape, texture or color. Our advanced printing technology and multi-material capabilities allows for unparalleled freedom of expression, so you can create shoes that are both beautiful comfortable, functional and sustainable.

Creative Expression Without Limits

Express yourself with true one-of-a-kind creations with 3D printing. Without the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods, you can design whatever you want, in whatever color or transparency you want. Plus, with the freedom to scale up or down as needed, 3D printing makes it possible to create even the most intricate designs.