HDR Light STudio

HDR Light Studio adds a dedicated lighting interface and HDR lighting content to your existing 3D software. Build your own unique HDRI maps and HDR textured area light setups. Available as a standalone software or as an add-in for SOLIDWORKS Visualize!

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How Does HDR Light Studio


The Process is Easy!

The model above has all materials applied and the camera view is positioned as desired. You are now ready to light…

  1. Start HDR Light Studio from the SOLIDWORKS Visualize environment
  2. Load an existing HDRI map to edit, or start with a blank canvas
  3. Add a new lights in HDR Light Studio
  4. Click on the 3D model in SOLIDWORKS Visualize to position lights
  5. To finish, HDR Light Studio generates a high-res HDRI map for the SOLIDWORKS Visualize environment
  6. The SOLIDWORKS Visualize scene is now ready for final rendering
Product Features

Live Link with HDR Light Studio

Paint Lights Positions

Live HDRI Creation

Live HDRI Editing

Library of HDR Light Captures

Manage HDRI's & Save Light Rigs

Embedded Projects