Structural designer

Structural Designer provides intuitive design simulation-based guidance during product design process to easily get the technical insights needed for informed design decisions.

An intuitive design simulation solution for designers looking for efficient product performance assessment under linerar static conditions to guide the design process.


Structural Designer provides intuitive design simulation-based guidance during product design process to easily get the technical insights needed for informed design decisions.

Structural Designer was developed with designers in mind. The design process is made up of multiple iterations, multiple ‘what if’ ideas to successfully deliver the right product to manufacturing. With Structural Designer, any designer can assess product behavior for each design iteration to improve product performance and reduce time andcost of product development process.

Structural Designer delivers linear static, natural frequency, buckling and steady-state thermal simulation capabilities for fast and efficient product testing experience.

Advanced Simulation Technology Made Easy

The Structural Designer user experience is designed to greatly accelerate simulation adoption during the design process. Sophisticated simulation technology is used automatically, while the options presented to users are meaningful and intuitive for fast product integration in the engineering process. Automation with control is the key. The finite element mesh is created automatically and can be refined easily with local mesh control on geometry. Adaptive refinement can also be used to ensure high-quality results for each simulation. With the embedded Assistant, users receive continuous guidance regarding where they stand in the simulation process and what they need to do next, reducing the learning curve and accelerating the usage of simulation in product development.

Virtual Testing of Product Performance

With Structural Designer design engineers can experience product performance virtually so that they can make better informed design decisions. The simulation experience fits within the familiar design environment, enabling design engineers to take the step into simulation without a disruption in user experience. The strong CAD associativity with CATIA® and SolidWorks® enables users to easily assess the impact of any design changes on product behavior without needing to redefine the simulation set up. Armed with knowledge of how a product will behave under various load situations, the design engineer can gain insights into innovative ideas, possible design flaws and improvements that otherwise would not even be considered.

Connected on the Cloud and Built for Collaboration

Structural Designer is part of the natural collaboration of the design process and is built on the social innovation foundation of the Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. All product development stakeholders, from the design team to suppliers and customers, are able to communicate seamlessly wherever they may be to review simulation results for informed business and technical decisions. The on-cloud offer reduces total cost of ownership, provides increased flexibility and enables fast deployment for enterprises of all sizes.

As a natural extension of the design experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Structural Designer enables users to study product behavior and to explore the performance and durability of different design options, all from within their familiar design environment. It offers:

• A guided workflow for all simulation types at each step of the

simulation to help the user understand what to do next for a

successful product testing uses the latest Abaqus simulation

technology for state of the art accuracy and performance.

Intuitiveness and accuracy is then offered for all Designers.

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