SOLIDWORKS ® Model-Based Definition (MBD) helps you to:

  • Define and Organize 3D Measurements Tolerances
  • Details
  • Notes
  • Material Bills (BOMs)
  • Customize Manufacturing Templates (Part or Assembly Specifications)
  • Quote Request (RFQ)
  • Incoming Inspection Reports

You can also publish Clear 3D Communications in widely accepted formats such as eDrawings®, STEP 242 and 3D PDF.

Many useful features have been included in each SOLIDWORKS Standard seat for smoother adoptions of the model-based activities. With SOLIDWORKS Standard, you can annotate a 3D component or assembly, arrange the 3D descriptions with views of annotations and communicate all directly in 3D in eDrawings.

    SOLIDWORKS MBD is Part of

    Technical Communications Software Suite

    With SOLIDWORKS MBD 2021, it is easier than ever to embrace model-based definition to eliminate time-consuming drawing creation and reduce manufacturing errors.