CAD Administration Services

Full-Scale Managed Services For Your CAD Environment


  • Ensure your software is always current.
  • We handle installs, upgrades, and audits.
  • Get best practices and optimized environments.

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CADimensions Upgrade Contract

A CADimensions Upgrade Contract gives you a headache-free process to get your software up to date by the professionals who do it every week. 

CADimensions upgrade contract

This annual contract includes:

  • Create administrative images for deployment to users
  • Software installation including new releases & service packs
    • Up to 5 PDM or SOLIDWORKS clients included
    • 365-day contract
    • Remote access is required

      Add-Ons to the CADimensions Upgrade Contract.

      • Additional charges will apply for every additional 5 clients installed
      • Additional upgrade (3rd or 4th) in year: $1,000 per upgrade (not including clients)
      • Server Move
      • Moving components that are in the cloud (AWS, Azure etc…) 
      • Data Move is available on a case by case basis

CAD Administrator Service Package

A CAD Administrator ensures that the design and development tools are working so that users can do their work. A combination of technical support, software maintenance, and best practices are essential to be successful. 

CAD Administrator Service Package

Included in SOLIDWORKS Portfolio:

  • Any initial SOLIDWORKS product repair including server components
  • Create administrative images for deployment to users
  • Software installation of SOLIDWORKS products including PDM clients (up to 5 per upgrade with additional options available)
  • Software upgrade installation including new releases and service packs
  • Best practices guidelines for software efficiency (SOLIDWORKS products only)
  • Technical support for users on best practices
  • Software testing on client files and processes of new releases and service packs

CAD Administrator Service Package

Include PDM Services and Also Get*:

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM local view creation or repair
  • Create a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault
  • SOLIDWORKS product server move and/or supporting components (ex. Microsoft SQL server)
  • Audit of SQL and User environments
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Configurations:
    • Bill of Material Columns (any type)
    • Data Cards
    • Categories
    • Columns
    • Duplicate File Name Settings
    • Groups Lists
    • Replication
    • Cold Storage
    • Revisions and Revision Tables
    • Serial Numbers
    • Toolbox
    • Tasks
    • Templates
    • Workflows
    • Dispatch Configuration
    • Archive Server Configuration
    • Web2 Installation and Setup (if necessary)

*Excluded from PDM Service Contract but available with a separate scope of work:

  • Custom software solutions using API or other scripting languages
  • Design Services
  • Formal instructor-led training
  • Migration or data-loading services

    Start with an assessment

    Productivity Assessment

    The diagnosis needs to come before the cure. This assessment includes interviews with your power users, and a complete review of your instance to find where you need specific help. This assessment is a great first step to addressing your inefficiencies!

    PDM System Tune-Up

    The PDM System Tune-Up is where our PDM experts will do a full review of your system to determine any areas for improvement. We check for the hardware on all serves that host PDM components to make sure they’re sufficient, as well as optimize your settings for the best performance.

    Consulting Services

    Data Management Services

    Simulation Services

    User Productivity Tools