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IT has enough on its hands without needing to manage complex SOLIDWORKS installations. CADimensions Services Team has a proven process for installations of all sizes. Our experts will help you hit the ground running with a customized installation that is efficient, and painless. 

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SOLIDWORKS is constantly getting better, introducing new features and developments throughout the year. Keeping your users running on the current version is critical and not every IT team has the bandwidth or expertise to efficiently manage this process. CADimensions Services Team has in-depth knowledge of the entire SOLIDWORKS ecosystem and the best option to complete your upgrades.

Server Moves

CADimensions Services Team are experts at managing the SOLIDWORKS Server environment. Whether you’re updating hardware, moving to a different platform, or looking for more performance, we’ve got you covered. Specializing in Data Migration, Serv OS Upgrades, SQL Server Moves/Upgrades, and more.

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