3D Bioprinter for Sale and its affordable? – Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Welcome to our 9th Additive Manufacturing Podcast! Today’s topics of discussion: 

01:38 CARBON VALUATION EXCEEDS $2.4 BILLION AFTER NEW $260M INVESTMENT Carbon3d.com valuation now exceeds $2.4B after another quarter-of-a-billion investment. What will their funding go to?

07:13 GE – School printers for 1,000,000 students for $10,000,000 More than 400 schools will receive 3D printers as a part of the GE Additive Education Program, reaching more than 180,000 students around the globe. Committed to developing pipelines of future talent in additive manufacturing around the world, GE will send a desktop polymer printer package to about 400 primary and secondary schools and a metal printing machine to eight colleges or universities. GE created their Additive Education Program this past January, committing to invest $10 million globally over the next five years to develop pipelines of future talent in additive manufacturing. $8 million is designated to give metal additive machines to colleges and universities. Additionally, $2 million will provide desktop polymer printers to primary and secondary schools.

10:38 Finally! Something about 3D printing and food that looks appetizing! FrenchGuyCooking designs and builds a 3D printed Croissant Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2eIZ…

16:07 The newest LulzBot will be on the market Bio 3D printing of liquids including the building blocks of human tissue in a process called bioprinting. The price of the printers helps make them accessible in a variety of settings. The Mini 2 costs $1,500, the TAZ 6 $2,500, the TAZ Workhorse $2,900 and the TAZ Pro $4,900.

27:15 Ultimaker rebrands and relocates its global headquarters to Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands, and revealed new branding as the company grows to meet the demand for professional 3D printing solutions around the world. In the last several years, the company has significantly expanded its overall business and team to service new and existing customers across every region on the planet.

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