How The USA Can Become Manufacturing Independent | Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Thanks for tuning into the Additive Manufacturing Podcast quarantine addition! Here are the topics that we covered in today’s episode:

02:02 What does manufacturing look like from a work-home world? Why is automation key?

03:53 There are a lot of companies who are making adjustments to their essential business operations.

05:06 How the Distributed Manufacturing Model made it possible to 3d print face shields quickly to help medical workers during this pandemic. Will “Made locally, made quickly, made custom” ever catch on with the help of a distributed manufacturing network?

19:03 Ken’s 3D Application of the Month: Jigs and fixturing – Why are companies looking towards additive manufacturing for their jigs and fixtures and what is the need for specialized materials?

25:12 The Shark Tank story about laser engraving using fixtures that saved a company.

33:17 Adam’s 3D Printing Tip of the Month – Pausing Prints to change colors. the most popular reasons to pause a print

1. Add Magnets

2. Add a Nut

3. Add Electronics

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