3D Experience Updates: Cannot Install in an Non-Empty Directory.

Cannot install in a non-empty directory error solutions.

Stop and Read Before Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024:

Let's start with the solution. Before you install SOLIDWORKS 2024, Deactivate your SOLIDWORKS license, then Reactivate it after you have completed your installation. If you do not, you are liable to run into an Activation Count Exceeded error, and will be unable to open SOLIDWORKS.

How to resolve “Invalid Block Name” error when launching SOLIDWORKS CAM

Check out this Tech Tip on resolving errors getting a license for SOLIDWORKS CAM during SOLIDWORKS startup, specifically "Invalid Block Name" errors.

How to Resolve SOLIDWORKS Symbol Library Error

This Tech Tip will cover how to correct the error when you are seeing 'MOD-DIAM' in a SOLIDWORKS drawings instead of the correct symbols, and other issues you may encounter with SOLIDWORKS symbols.

Troubleshooting SOLIDWORKS License Manager Server Connection Errors

Troubleshooting SNL Connection Errors