Engineering & Production Unification Software

Smap3D Plant Design was developed in close cooperation with CAD manufacturers to ensure deep integration and continuous data flow. The product range now covers almost all solutions relevant to plant design. With Smap3D P&ID, Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometric, there are three basic modules for design and connection to production. Based on this, further solutions such as Smap3D Electrical or Smap3D Bending Simulation are available.

The product family is particularly suitable for plant, machine, apparatus and container construction, environmental and water technology, the oil and gas industry, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology as well as the food and beverage industry.

CADimensions is proud to license and support Smap 3D’s outstanding software solutions.




In one single package, this database driven stand-alone software provides the user with all the relevant charts, diagrams, drafts, design checks and reports. Frequent and repetitive tasks are automated and simplified with Smap3D P&ID. All drawing sheets, project sheets and report templates are 100% customizable.

SMAP 3D Piping

Smap3D Piping works as an add-in to the supported CAD systems. The program automates the planning and modification of 3D piping in 3D assemblies. A task that would otherwise have to be done manually by a designer or piping planner in multiple labor intensive steps with made possible with the use of pipe specifications.

SMAP 3D Isometric

Smap3D Isometric exports all information about the 3D pipelines and creates the isometric drawing fully automatically. The basic software is ISOGEN® from the market leader Alias (Intergraph). The combination of the two systems creates a productive collaboration from which machine and plant manufacturers benefit.