Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional


1 Day



Recommended Experience Level

  • Experience with the SOLIDWORKS file structure and referencing
  • Experience with the Windows operating system


The Using SOLIDWORKS PDM course gives participants the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to successfully use SOLIDWORKS PDM in their day-to-day jobs. This process-based training course utilizes example case studies to illustrate the procedures and processes required to complete PDM tasks.

Recommended For

  • New hires of customers currently using PDM
  • All personnel of customers anticipating implementation of PDM
  • Personnel responsible for internal training and support of PDM users

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Concepts

  • The Fundamentals of PDM Professional
  • What is SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional?
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Overview
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Modules
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Components

Lesson 2: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional User Interface

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional User Interface
  • Case Study: Exploring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Lesson 3: Document Creation and Check In

  • Document Creation and Check In
  • Case Study: Checking in Documents
  • Advanced Document Check In
  • Case Study: Checking in Documents with References

Lesson 4: Versioning Files

  • Versioning Files
  • Case Study: Versioning Files

Lesson 5: File References

  • File References
  • Case Study: File References
  • Case Study: Copy File and References
  • Case Study: Move File and References

Lesson 6: Searching

  • Searching SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Case Study: Search

Lesson 7: Workflow and Notification

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Workflow
  • Case Study: Workflow

Lesson 8: Working in SOLIDWORKS

  • Versioning SOLIDWORKS Files
  • Case Study: Versioning Files
  • Managing Local Cache

Appendix A: Working with Bill of Materials

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Case Study: Modify a Computed BOM
  • Case Study: Create and Modify a Named BOM

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