DriveWorks Pro Basic Administration


2 Days


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Recommended Experience Level

  • DriveWorks Solo


DriveWorks Pro Administrator training is intended to give users a hands-on proficiency of DriveWorks Pro Administrator. Upon successful completion of this training, users will be able to drive a SOLIDWORKS part and assembly geometry, create user forms, link forms to captured models, control and modify SOLIDWORKS drawings, link projects to external data, create custom document outputs, and set up Teams and Workflows. This training ensures users have an ample understanding of the tools and methodologies that come with DriveWorks projects.

Recommended For

  • Creation of a web, or kiosk-based interface for their DriveWorks projects

Course Outline

DriveWorks Pro Training Overview

About DriveWorks Pro

  • DriveWorks Live
  • DriveWorks Autopilot
  • DriveWorks User

Additional Tools in DriveWorks Pro

  • DriveWorks Pro Server
  • DriveWorks Data Management
  • DriveWorks License Management Tool
  • DriveWorks Group Upscale Tool
  • DriveWorks Documentation
  • About this Manual

Training Introduction

  • Imagine You Design Conveyors

Lesson 1

  • 3 Step Process for creating a DriveWorks Project
  • Creating a Group and Capturing Models

Lesson 2

  • Building a User Interface in DriveWorks Administrator

Lesson 3

  • Building Rules

Lesson 4

  • Running your Project

Lesson 5

  • File Name and Relative Path Rules

Lesson 6

  • Tables

Lesson 7

  • Form Navigation
  • Form Templates
  • Static and Dynamic Control Properties
  • Advanced Form Controls

Lesson 8

  • Dynamic Replacement Files

Lesson 9

  • Data Management

Lesson 10

  • Documents

Lesson 11

  • Drawings

Lesson 12

  • Specification Flow
  • Preparing Your Models for Automation
  • Useful Information

Course Schedule

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