Sheet Metal


2 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials


Sheet metal is so prevelant in modern manufacturing that SOLIDWORKS has designated a subset of tools specific to modeling sheet metal parts. The focus of this class is on helping users create a model that will provide both a flat pattern and a folded form. That doesn’t limit the use to sheet metal parts but any flat part like cardboard.

Recommended For

  • Learning how to make a model that will give you a flat pattern and folded form

Course Outline


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  • Windows 7
  • Use of Color
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: Basic Flange Features 

  • What are Sheet Metal Parts?
  • Sheet Metal Methods
  • Unique Sheet Metal Items
  • Flange Method
  • Base Flange/Tab
  • Sheet Metal Parameters
  • Editing Sheet Metal Parameters
  • Sheet Metal Bend Features
  • Flat-Pattern Feature
  • Additional Flange Features
  • Edge Flanges
  • Editing the Flange Profile
  • Edge Flanges on Curved Edges
  • Miter Flanges
  • Hem Feature
  • Tab Features
  • Cuts in Sheet Metal
  • Summary of Flange Features

Lesson 2: Working with the Flat Pattern 

  • Working with the Flat Pattern
  • Flat Pattern Settings
  • Features for Manufacture
  • Corner-Trim Feature
  • Corners in the Formed State
  • Closed Corner
  • Corner Relief
  • Break Corner/Corner Trim
  • Producing the Flat Pattern
  • Sheet Metal Cut List Properties
  • Flat Pattern Drawing Views
  • Flat Pattern View Properties
  • Drawing Document Properties
  • Sheet Metal Tables
  • Cut List Properties as a Note
  • Exporting the Flat Pattern

Lesson 3: Additional Sheet Metal Features and Techniques 

  • Additional Sheet Metal Methods
  • Designing from the Flat
  • Sketched Bend Feature
  • Jog Feature
  • Adding Features in an Unfolded State
  • Unfold and Fold
  • Swept Flange
  • Swept Flange Flat Pattern Options
  • Lofted Bends
  • Lofted Bends in the Design Library

Lesson 4: Converting to Sheet Metal 

  • Sheet Metal Conversion
  • Insert Bends Method
  • Imported Geometry to Sheet Metal
  • Adding Rips
  • Insert Bends
  • Making Changes
  • Welded Corner
  • Converting Cones and Cylinders
  • Convert to Sheet Metal

Lesson 5: Multibody Sheet Metal Parts 

  • Multibody Sheet Metal Parts
  • Multibodies with Base Flange
  • Sheet Metal Parameters for Multibodies
  • Cut List Item Properties for Multibodies
  • Flat Pattern Drawing Views for Multibodies
  • Cut List Balloon Annotations
  • Exporting to DXF/DWGs with Multibodies
  • Convert with Multibodies
  • Hiding and Showing Bodies
  • Using Split with Sheet Metal Parts
  • Patterning for Multibodies
  • Using Edge Flanges to Merge Bodies
  • Interfering Bodies
  • Combining Sheet Metal with Other Bodies

Lesson 6: Forming Tools and Gussets 

  • Sheet Metal Forming Tools
  • Standard Forming Tools
  • Form Tool Features in the Flat
  • Part Document Properties
  • Custom Forming Tools
  • Split Line
  • Forming Tool
  • Form Tools in Drawings
  • Sheet Metal Gusset

Lesson 7: Additional Sheet Metal Functions 

  • Additional Sheet Metal Functions
  • Cross-Breaks
  • Vent Features
  • Mirror Part
  • Process Plans
  • Sheet Metal Costing

Appendix A: Sheet Metal Tables 

  • Tables
  • Customizing Tables

Course Schedule

29aug(aug 29)8:30 am30(aug 30)4:30 pmSheet Metal - Online August

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