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DraftSight: A Free and Fabulous 2D Solution

It’s hard to argue that AutoCAD isn’t expensive when there’s a product just like it out there available for free. If you’re still roaming in a 2D world and feel like saving yourself some money, DraftSight might be the tool for you.

What is it?

DraftSight is a 2D tool that you can use to update and maintain your DWG and DXF files.

The neat thing about DraftSight is it’s free for everyone to download!

Who is it?

DraftSight is owned by Dassault Systems, who is leading the way with CAD programs such as SOLIDWORKS and CATIA.


What does it have to offer?

With the free downloadable version, your support and training tutorials are all tied into DraftSight.com. However, it is also possible to purchase DraftSight Professional which has a bundle of extra services that make it easier for companies that have multiple users. This package also includes phone and email support and a couple of other goodies.


All you have to invest is a little time.  Take this product for a spin and see all the things that there is to like.

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