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Quick Analysis of Document References

If you’ve ever opened a SOLIDWORKS file and been presented with mate errors, incorrect geometry or lost files, you may have certainly wondered, “How did this happen?” Before you go yelling over the cubicle wall at the one user who “just doesn’t understand,” let us take a look.


It seems each user has developed their own methods for ensuring data stays intact. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads them to make copies and do things that could jeopardize each users’ SOLIDWORKS data. Don’t get me wrong, SOLIDWORKS contributes to this as well, with the current reference document search routine. That brings me to another thought… if you’re into crossword puzzles or mind games, try and put them down one night and search the help for “Reference Document Search Routine.” This will certainly get your head spinning! SOLIDWORKS search routing can find duplicate data, without the end user being aware.


Now let me bring this full circle. If you have errors, incorrect geometry or lost files while opening a SOLIDWORKS file, go to File–> Find References and take a look at where the software is looking for the files. While in this screen, pay extra close attention to where SOLIDWORKS found a copy of your file in another folder. Sometimes this may just be the culprit, and a simple way to avoid a headache.

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