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The Future of SOLIDWORKS Forums: 3DSWYM

As many of you may have noticed, there have been some changes within the SOLIDWORKS Forums. On April 2nd, the former SOLIDWORKS forums were turned off. Going forward, there will be no new posts on the old SOLIDWORKS forum website. The new forum will now be hosted on the 3DExperience platform using the SWYM app.

All post and responses from the old forums will be added as a SWYM post. Currently, if you have a forum post bookmarked and went to it, you may see a page like the image below. Until the process of converting all the old posts is complete, the old URLs for the posts will be left in this fashion.

The old forum posts are searchable in Google, and SOLIDWORKS plans to have the new posts in the SWYM do the same.

Accessing 3DSwym:

To access the new forum use the link below: https://r1132100503382-eu1-3dswym.3dexperience.3ds.com/#community:yUw32GbYTEqKdgY7-jbZPg

  • Logging into the SWYM Page:

Log In using your existing SOLIDWORKS ID or existing 3DExperience ID that you used to login into the old forum.

If you have never created an account, please use our guide on creating an online account located below:


Using the old forum URL (https://forum.solidworks.com/) you will see an image like the one below. Click the Log in With your SOLIDWORKS ID or 3DEXPERIENCE ID to get to the log in screen.

  • Selecting & Favoring the Community:

After you log in successfully you should be on a page like the image below.

The community is called SOLIDWORKS User Forum and is located on the left hand side of the page under My Communities.

Add the SOLIDWORKS User Forum community to your favorites so that its always at the top. To do this simply drag the row to your favorites section.

  • Getting Started using the Wiki:

The best place to get started on any 3DSwym page will be the Wiki posts. These posts are generally reserved for important topics or FAQS for a page. The wiki posts for this page are created by SOLIDWORKS and give a good explanation of how the page runs.

To filter the wiki posts, go to the upper right corner of the page and select the green book to only show the wiki posts.

Once selected you should now only see wiki posts in the middle of the page. You should only see green book icons on all the posts.

On the right hand side you should see bookmarked posts that will help you get started using the new forums.

Select the Welcome! on the right-hand side. This post covers three topics that SOLIDWORKS recommends reviewing before starting.

If you have any questions about the new forum or 3DExperience please reach out to CADimensions.

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