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Unclosed Contours in Objet Studio

Validation is an important step for processing models in Objet Studio. The routine does two things: the software checks if any models are overlapping on the build tray and checks the model for build integrity. A general rule of thumb is not to print if the model does not pass validation.

One common error polyjet users run into when processing a model in Objet Studio is an “Unclosed Contours are Detected” error. The model will turn orange to indicate a build integrity issue and the pop-up will appear, as shown below.


There can be several causes for this error. However, the one I find most often is when a surface used in CAD is still visible. When a surface is left on during the process of saving an STL file, it will show no visible error until Objet Studio validation.

The easiest fix is to go back into the CAD model, find the Surface Bodies folder and select either Hide or Delete Body, and then resave the STL.

Below is an example in SOLIDWORKS.

objet studio

If the problem continues, contact technical support for assistance.


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