3D Med

The 3DMED line-up improves 3D scanning speed and the quality of received color of the scanned surface. Researchers and doctors can now use dedicated measurement equipment designed to digitize complex shapes of the human body.

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Medical, Criminology and Biological Research Applications

The SMARTTECH3D Med scanner offers a very fast scanning process, taking as little as 0.4 seconds. Its compact dimensions and aesthetic ‘medical’ housing make it ideal for medical environments. The scanner captures the true color of scanned objects and offers the possibility to integrate multiple 3D scanners for comprehensive scanning. The device requires no end-user calibration, ensuring ease of use. Its software interface is intuitive and functional, and it boasts a 1.6 MP detector.

This technology can also be used in security and police departments to create 3D pictures of suspects, criminals, or victims. The scanner’s highly-sensitive sensor captures data even from dark or shiny objects, and it comes with an optionally available Shadeless Lighting System for capturing life-like textures without shadows. The scanner is also equipped with a quality tripod with pan and tilt adjustments for smooth operations and includes a professional protective transportation case. The SMARTTECH3D Med is the most comfortable solution for analyzing visible surfaces of living organisms, providing a fast and accurate method for capturing body parts. The cloud of points presents not only the shape but also the true color of a scanned object, allowing for intuitive and rapid surface calculations on the human body.”

  • Very fast scanning process – up to 0.4 sec
  • Compact dimensions
  • True color of scanned object
  • Possibility to integrate several 3D scanners
  • Aesthetic “medical” housing
  • Easy to use - no need for the end-user calibration
  • Intuitive and functional software interface
  • 1.6 MP detector 

CG & Video Game Artists

Ability to digitize human with a high level of details is also significant help for the CG artists in creating video games and animation. Instead of long hours of virtual modeling in graphics programs, they can just concentrate on the animation of a scanned model with lifelike texture.  Creating a digital model of human using scan3Dmed is limited to a few minutes.

Extremely Fast Scanning

New SMARTTECH3Dmed product line is equipped with specialized image capture system that shortening 3D scanning time to 0,7 second what is extremely important while scanning a living organism. Dedicated optics with adjusted white balance and contrast allows to receive the appropriate color of measured surfaces, therefore, the analysis of skin defects is easier than ever before.

    Ruggedness & Portability

    The sensitive interior was fixed to temperature resistant carbon supportive structure and closed in an esthetic white solid housing.

    With every 3D scanner from the medical product line, SMARTTECH provides specialized multi-functional software with a very intuitive interface – SMARTTECH3measure.

    3D Scanner Line Integration

    SMARTTECH3Dmed scanning head can be integrated with another 3D scanning units from this Product Line enabling automated measurement of a person from different directions. When using the multi-head system the 3D scans of the object are aligned instantly.

    More SMARTTECH3D Scanners

    SMARTTECH3D Micron Green

    Designed for Manufacturing operations that value Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions. Suited for quality control or reverse engineering applications.

    SMARTTECH3D Micron 3D Color

    Designed for the precise digitalization of colorful objects. This unique touchless measuring system is a perfect tool for creating a digital twin of real objects.

    SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry

    The SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry is a portable coordinate measuring system that leverages the power of digital photographs.

    SMARTTECH3D Robotized

    The SMARTTECH3D Robotized is the epitome of compactness and efficiency, boasting the smallest and lightest scanning head equipped with a stereoscopic measuring system.


    The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is designed for users who need to accurately digitize physical objects for documentation, reverse engineering, and advanced quality inspections.