The SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry is a portable coordinate measuring system that leverages the power of digital photographs. By creating a digital map of markers placed on an object, it offers a unique solution for direct quality control or in conjunction with optical full-field measurements. Designed specifically for referencing 3D scanners in high-end industrial applications, it’s ideal for large objects.

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Discover the Power of Photogrammetry

The SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry system revolutionizes the realm of coordinate measuring. Harnessing the precision of digital photographs, it offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, especially for large objects. Dive into a world where quality control and optical full-field measurements reach new heights.

SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry Standard version

  • 24 MP digital camera
  • Measurement beams/scale patterns – 4 psc
  • Aruco coded markers 25 psc
  • Round flat markers 1000 psc
  • Dedicated software – SMARTTECH3Dmeasure Photogrammetry

SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry Pro version

  • 30,3 MP digital camera
  • Measurement beams/scale patterns – 6 psc
  • Aruco coded markers 50 psc
  • Round flat markers 2000 psc
  • Dedicated software – SMARTTECH3Dmeasure Photogrammetry
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3D Scanning Reliability

The SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry system is not just about capturing images; it’s about ensuring consistent, reliable data every time. Whether you’re in shipbuilding, aviation, automotive, or the power industry, this system guarantees precise dimensions, accurate shape analysis, and meticulous damage identification.

High-Resolution Quality

The camera resolution is a testament to the system’s prowess. Depending on your needs, choose between a range of 24 Mpix to 30.4 Mpix. Every detail, no matter how minute, is captured with clarity, ensuring that your scans are not just detailed, but also accurate.

    Advanced Data Processing

    Photogrammetry is more than just taking high-quality photos. With the SMARTTECH3D system, specially designed markers and scale patterns transform these photos into a comprehensive digital map of markers. This data can be used for point-by-point measurements or serve as a foundation for in-depth 3D scanning and quality control.

    Confirmed Scan Accuracy

    Accuracy is paramount in the world of 3D scanning. The SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry system stands out with an impressive accuracy of 92 micrometers. Whether you’re measuring a tiny component or a vast object up to 20 m in size, you can trust the data you receive.

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    More SMARTTECH 3D Scanners

    SMARTTECH3D Micron Green

    Designed for Manufacturing operations that value Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions. Suited for quality control or reverse engineering applications.

    SMARTTECH3D Micron 3D Color

    Designed for the precise digitalization of colorful objects. This unique touchless measuring system is a perfect tool for creating a digital twin of real objects.


    The 3DMED line-up produces detailed color 3D scans. Researchers and doctors can now use dedicated measurement equipment designed for the complex shapes of the human body.

    SMARTTECH3D Robotized

    The SMARTTECH3D Robotized is the epitome of compactness and efficiency, boasting the smallest and lightest scanning head equipped with a stereoscopic measuring system.


    The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is designed for users who need to accurately digitize physical objects for documentation, reverse engineering, and advanced quality inspections.