The SMARTTECH3D ON is designed for those who demand the utmost accuracy in 3D scanning. Whether you’re into reverse engineering, documentation, or advanced quality inspections, this scanner ensures that every detail of the physical object is captured with unparalleled precision.

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Precision in Every Scan

The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is designed for users who need to accurately digitize physical objects for documentation, reverse engineering, and advanced quality inspections. With its advanced optics and powerful light source, it ensures precise measurements every time.


  • Stereoscopic Measurement: Utilizes two detectors for enhanced accuracy and noise elimination.
  • Integration Capabilities: Can be integrated with a rotary stage for automated data capture.
  • Sturdy Construction: Features an aluminum housing and carbon fiber construction, ensuring resistance to temperature changes.
  • Advanced Optics: Employs SMARTTECH3D LED TECHNOLOGY for precise measurements.
  • Field of View (FOV): Offers multiple FOV options including 150x113mm, 200x150mm, and 300x225mm (±10%).
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3D Scanning Reliability

The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner guarantees high precision in mapping, crucial for reverse engineering, and offers realistic scanning of color texture, essential in digitalization. Its stereoscopic measurement system ensures a more precise representation of the sharp edges of measured objects.

High-Resolution Quality

The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is equipped with a stereoscopic measurement system using two detectors. It features an automatic alignment of scan data based on markers and can be integrated with a rotary stage for automated data capture. The available FOVs include 150x113mm, 200x150mm, and 300x225mm (±10%).

    Advanced Data Processing

    The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is designed for users who require detailed reproduction of fine details. Its high resolution ensures increased efficiency when scanning objects with a high degree of complexity, fully automating the entire process.

    Confirmed Scan Accuracy

    The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is a factory-calibrated metrological tool, certified according to German guidelines VDI/VDE 2634. Its measurement accuracy is confirmed by a certificate from an independent accredited metrology laboratory, ensuring trust in the data you receive.

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