DyeMansion Powershot S with CADimensions


Powerfuse S

The newly developed VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) polishing system creates sealed, washable surfaces that challenge injection molding parts.

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A sustainable contact-free process without chemical waste

  • No PFAS (Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances)
  • Non CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic)
  • Not vPvM (very persistent and very mobile)
  • Compliant With FDA’s Food Contact Regulations
  • Solvent Is Circulated In A Closed Loop
  • Contact-Free Process Without Chemical Waste
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Throw Out The Chemical PPE

The VaporFuse Eco Fluid Solvent is a non-CMR and is allowed by the FDA for the processing of plastics with food contact. The solvent is circulated in a closed-loop and collected automatically by the Powerfuse system. This allows for a long-term, chemical-free, contact-free process eliminating the need for chemical-hazard protective equipment.

Strengthens Parts

VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) creates injection molding-like surfaces on sealed and washable items. Surface roughness is kept to a minimum. While under vacuum, the entire process chamber is filled with vapor. This ensures that complicated geometries and interior surfaces are processed consistently. VFS works with all common plastics, but especially flexible polymers like TPU, for which mechanical methods are ineffective.

Industry 4.0 Compatible

The Powerfuse is ready for Industry 4.0. The system has fully automatic loading, OPC-UA server communication, and batch tracking capabilities. Remote access ensures efficient servicing. All common resources have validated and carefully built programs that are ready to use. Furthermore, all process parameters can be customized for different materials. This allows for greater flexibility and easy connection with existing manufacturing processes like the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow.

Sealed Inner Surfaces

Internal surfaces can also be smoothed with Powerfuse S, which reduces surface roughness by over 80%. Water and airflow are improved as a result of the sealed surfaces.

No Need For Priming

VaporFuse Surfacing improves spray painting efficiency by eliminating the need for priming and saving time and material.

0.45 mm Airtight Walls

Even the thinnest of walls can now be sealed. The Powerfuse S is capable of making 0.45 mm walls airtight. Enabling new designs recently impossible and reducing the amount of material needed.

Friction Reduction

VaporFuse Surfacing significantly lowers friction due to the smooth sealed surfaces of the treated pieces with no chafing.

Improved Stability

VaporFuse Surfacing improves the stability of a part compared to identical models that have not been processed by the Powerfuse S.

Discourages Bacteria Growth

VaporFuse protects parts against bacteria grown compared to untreated parts. Bacteria growth is fast on an untreated part, while the VFS treated part showed no sign of bacteria growth after 40 hours. Surfaces are also easier to wipe and disinfect.

Food Surfaces

The surface that has been treated with VaporFuse Surfacing leaves no residue behind and is considerably easier to clean. The VaporFuse Eco Fluid is approved by the FDA’s food contact regulations. 

Oil and Chemicals Wash Off

The surface treated with VaporFuse Surfacing sealed the surfaces making it easier to clean and resistant to chemicals like oil remover without leaving behind any residue.

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