Powershot C

The Powershot C is the industry standard for easy and effective part cleaning.

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Works With Various Materials and Industrial Technologies

  • Proprietary cleaning process with plastic blasting media
  • Gentle and efficient powder removal
  • Wider range of process parameters and precision adjustment than conventional cleaning processes
  • Compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and improved depowdering of process challenging materials (e.g. TPU)
  • Developed for the Print-to-Product Workflow: a residue-free cleaning process for brilliant colors
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Boost Production Capacity

The Powershot C makes quick work of mid sized builds, cleaning them in about 10 minutes or less using DyeMansion’s proprietary PolyShot Cleaning (PSC) process. The number of people and time spent on cleaning parts can be significantly reduced.

The fully automated part cleaner can replace the work of up to 4 manual blasting systems. The PolyShot C is compatible with Stratasys as well as all the other common powder-bed technologies

Precise Blasting Nozzels

The blasting cabinet’s stainless steel rotary basket, variety of blasting nozzles, as well as an ionization device assures consistent results. Combine this with a soft, removable lining that protects the pieces from damage during the procedure.

Two blasting nozzles are positioned perpendicular to the revolving basket and the contained pieces at the same time. The cyclone is constantly cleaning the blasting media. This design ensures that the powder is removed efficiently.

Increased Process Control

The touchscreen and integrated control panel takes post-processing control to a whole new level. The Powershot C has an easy-to-use interface that allows for pre-run program prompts. Custom programs can be easily built and saved, allowing for fast application adaptations.

Everything can be quickly accessed and operated safely all from within the user-friendly design. The Powershot C continuous monitoring to ensure that the process is efficient and repeatable.

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