powershot dual performance with cadimensions


Powershot DUAL Performance

Next-generation blasting systems, designed specifically for the factory of the future and high-volume manufacturing using additive manufacturing.

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Taking the Print-to-Product workflow to the next level

  • 2X Efficiency With 1.5 Part Volume
  • Up To 20% Time Savings Per Cycle
  • Save Up To 70% Of Blasting Media
  • Reduce Workspace Footprint By 50%
  • 325mm x 410mm x 800mm Effective Dimensions Of Multi-Belt
  • Process 1,200 30m x 30m x 30m Cubes At Once
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Remote Access

Decrease maintenance and troubleshooting times with increased system availability and uptime all on a secure and certified VPN connection.

Digital Shop Floor Integration

Industry 4.0 integrated shopfloor connectivity between ERP and MES with guaranteed traceability and OPC-UA standardized communication protocols.

Monitoring & Analysis

Closely track and optimize the performance and processes with standardized IIoT communication protocols like MQTT.

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Powerfuse S

VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) polishing system creates sealed, washable surfaces.

Powershot S

The industry leader in blasting systems and high-quality 3D printed part finishing.


Enabling practically limitless colorized market-ready 3D printed raw parts.

Powershot C

The Powershot C is the industry standard for easy and effective part cleaning.