Unite your entire organization from design and manufacturing to marketing and service in one collaborative, product development environment.

One Platform to Unite Your Team on the Cloud

3DEXPERIENCE is a platform designed to bring all your key stakeholders together in one place - from ideation to ongoing development. Each user is licensed based on their role on the team. With that license, the team member can access every toolset they need to do their best work, managing all project assets on a cloud platform accessible by the rest of the team.

Explore below to learn more about how each role and the project development domains they belong to provide your organization with a holistic, real-time view of your business activity.

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All 3DExperience Domains

Design & Engineering

Engineers and designers can create and share designs quickly and easily, allowing key stakeholders to give feedback throughout the product development phase with all the design data stored securely in the cloud.

Governance & Management

Plan, develop and release your products seamlessly with the data and product lifecycle management solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helping you to improve productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Simulation & Analysis

Conduct structural static, frequency, buckling, model dynamic response, structural-thermal analysis and other validation studies virtually with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform simulation tools powered by SIMULIA.

Manufacturing & Production

The 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio streamlines communication between departments to identify and reduce manufacturability errors at any phase – from ERP to the shop floor— and helps accelerate the release to production.

Marketing & Sales

 The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows sales and marketing teams to collaborate with designers to create the perfect plans and create content even before the product is built - giving clarity to your product release pipeline.

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Subscription benefits

When you are on Subscription, your organization has access to valuable software releases, service packs, and value-added resources and training provided by CADimensions.

Unlimited access to our Technical Support Team, on-demand and online training courses and access to our extensive Knowledge Base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) are just some of the benefits you will receive by being part of the CADimensions 3DEXPERIENCE community.

Video Onboarding

With CADimensions Video Onboarding, we walk you through the process of activating and setting up your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform at your own pace. These videos will help you learn the basics of navigation, setting up spaces, installing software, and more.

Web Based Learning

In these live learning sessions, we review and discuss the latest releases and updates for the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and SOLIDWORKS Connected. During these sessions, we offer a live Q&A with our Cloud Customer Success Team to address anything 3DEXPERIENCE related.

3DExperience Roles

3D Creator


3D Mold Creator


3D Render


3D Sheet Metal Creator


Collaborative Business Innovator


Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS


Collaborative Industry Innovator


Electromagnetics Engineer


Fluid Dynamics Engineer


Lean Team Player


Manufacturing Definition Creator


NC Shop Floor Programmer


Plastic Injection Engineer


Product Communicator


Project Planner


3D Sculptor


Social Business Analyst


Structural Designer


Structural Mechanics Engineer


Structural Performance Engineer


Structure Creator


CATIA 3D Mold & Tooling Designer