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Commercial Uses


Limitless applications for every industry. Automotive, industrial machinery and consumer goods are just a few examples of where SMARTTECH 3D scanners are being used throughout the product design and development process and across the organization to accelerate time to market, cut costs, improve designs and win new business.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a process of reproducing the technical documentation of the object, based on 3D scanning. Even when no documents are available, the SMARTTECH 3D scanning lineup can give a precise geometry and surface description.

Quality Control

SMARTTECH 3D's high-resolution scanners generate ideal data for quality control and error detection. Its wide measuring field capabilities enable large surfaces being precisely measured in a matter of seconds, not hours. This process saves time while simultaneously ensuring that every part leaving the factory meets specs and is free of any defects.

Testing the accuracy of the 3D printed car part.

SMARTTECH 3D scanners do not require specialist knowledge, if there’s a CAD designer in your company, they will understand 3D scanning technologies thanks to comprehensive training during implementation.

Educational Uses


Educational institutions are constantly on the lookout for technology that will further their research, lure prospective students, and set their institution apart. 3D scanning has applications in so many fields of study that many find it has a rapid payback. The ability to scan objects with light from a distance and capture incredibly finite detail aids in research and education across the globe. 

Uses for Students

How important is it for young engineers to understand the world in all three dimensions? Scanning technology opens doors to new understanding and new opportunities.

Uses for Educators​

A 3D measurement tool provides instructors with cutting edge tools for success in advanced technology fields. Detailed, accurate, and touch less scanning has a wide range of educational applications.

Uses for Scientists​

Archaeology, Museology, Criminology, all of these fields of study require working with delicate subjects. Light scanning preserves the physical while accurately capturing the visual with museum quality precision.

Make Full Documentations of the Smallest Details Like Microcracks and Tool Marks

The smallest detail with realistic texture

Powerful software with incredible hardware combine to give you minute detail with an intuitive interface that delivers amazing results 

CADimensions 3D Scanning Services​

Just a Few SmartTech 3D Scanner Uses

What can't you do with a SMARTTECH 3D Scanner? These are some of the more common applications we see worldwide.

Museology and Archeology

Archiving and cataloging rare and precious subjects comes with many challenges. Touchless 3D scanning and measurement tools allow you to capture amazing detail while not manipulating the subject matter.


Quality control departments love 3D scanning because it’s a reliable tool. It’s ideal for detecting errors and defects right from the production line. Scanning for reverse engineering allows you to create documentation of an object without the need for modeling.


3D scanning has many applications in the medical field. Touchless scanning is among the safest methods for complex wound or skin deviation analysis. SMARTTECH scanners are easy to learn and operate, and can alleviate many common patient discomforts. 


3D scanners are among the best tools in a modern police investigation. Scanning precision allows you to 3D print imprints without ever exposing it. Scanning a footprint or other artifact can be done with light from a distance, without disturbing or exposing the print to any damage. 

3D Scanning Damaged 3D Printed Parts in Seconds Instead of Hours

When so much force is applied to a part that it permanently bends or changes shape, that part has undergone plastic deformation. At a basic level, it is easy to look at a part and recognize that it has changed shape. Figuring out exactly how the part changed shape is a much bigger challenge. Figuring out how the part changed shape at different levels of force could be a valuable tool in designing better parts.

This quick experiment shows how we can use our SMARTTECH 3D Scanner to take complex 3D measurements quickly. While analyzing plastic deformation with 3D scanning is not its most popular use – like 3D inspection and reverse engineering – it could become a useful tool for automotive, aerospace, and other industries when creating new products that see a lot of use over time.

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