DyeMansion Powershot S with CADimensions


Powershot S

The Powershot S is the industry leader in blasting systems and high-quality 3D printed part finishing.

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The leading blasting system for superior end-use parts with a superior finish

  • Proprietary Plastic Beads Surfacing Process
  • Most Efficient Surfacing Technology For End-Use Parts
  • Non-Abrasive Surface Homogenization
  • Ideal Process For DeepDye Coloring
  • High Scratch Resistance And Ideal Haptics
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Superior Productivity & Finishing

DyeMansion’s PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) is non-abrasive and works flawlessly with hard plastics like PA12 and PA11 in any geometry. The special blast media specially designed for non-abrasive surface homogenization and leveling surfaces the peaks and lows of the part. This drastically improves the accuracy and quality of the finished part. The Powershot S does this cost-effectively with short 10-minute cycle durations and a mid-sized capacity that can handle most jobs.

Industry Standard For Haptics & Color Prep

PolyShot Surfacing is the most important factor when prepping 3D printed parts for coloring. The Powershot S produces a perfect semi-gloss appearance with excellent haptics. This process does more than finish parts, it is also a necessary step in preparation for DeepDye Coloring.

Numerous industries have utilized this process since 2016 becoming the new industry standard for scratch resistance and homogenous surfaces.

User-Centric Design

Process control takes on a whole new meaning with a touchscreen and integrated control panel. The Powershot S has a user-friendly interface with pre-installed programs that can be easily customized to fit specific needs.

Everything can be quickly accessed and operated safely in a process that is efficient and repeatable thanks to DyeMansion’s user-centric designs and IIoT integrations.

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